Transmission Adequacy Consulting
Cutting edge technology in system reliabiliy analysis
for systems relying heavily on wind, solar, and hydro.
Eugene G. Preston's Presentations
Texas P.E. Board Registration
How to do a solar interconnection study.
Decarbonizing the grid and study cases.
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Historical RTS Development (newest to oldest):
The 1979 RTS generation distibution is a poor fit to a Normal distribution curve.
For overlapping f(x) distributions this shows what not to shade as the overlap.
1979 RTS excel spreadsheet shows how to find LOLH and EUE from load and generation F(x).
An example for how to correctly calculate LOLH and EUE from f(x) or F(x) distributions.
This is the link to the latest IEEE RTS modernization data.
STORAGE program calculates how much storage is needed and video.
RTS3 program updated with storage and tested to insure 1986 exact indices are produced.
Older RTS3 which includes a Matlab version. See the LOLE seek feature in operation. expands RTS1 to a two area model bringing transmission constraints into LOLP studies. has all the 1986 and 2016 files plus multi-state generators and auto LOLE capability.
RTS2016 info describes an LOLE program for evaluating the capacity value of wind, water, and solar. has four UK case studes and all associated files including the program code and executables. runs example cases verifying the new RTS program reproduces 1986 IEEE RTS paper 'exact' indices.
Sequential Monte Carlo vs sequential COPT.

Electric System Reliability:
ERCOT's market summit comments give an interesting insight into an energy market that is still evolving.
UK Researchers say to beware of overly simplistic renewables models using technology not yet available.
What scientists (not engineers) find suprising seems completely normal to me as a power system engineer.
Elon Musk Australian battery picks up a dip in frequency before other units have a chance to respond.
Fingers are crossed as ERCOT reserves drop with each new CDR issued.
ERCOT load duration curve and decreased by 50% renewables penetration.
PBS show Blackout shows how a 1977 NYC blackout caused great hardship.
Is having 100% renewable energy for a country feasible? The answer is - extremely unlikely.
Report to ERCOT on VER Capacity and Reserve Margin and video at Univ of Texas.
Variable Energy Resource Capacity Contributions Consistent With Reserve Margin and Reliability.
Aging power plants and retirements are 'heading us toward a cliff with no fence'.
Mark Jacobson's reliability studies are incorrect and he uses nonexistent components.

My 1997 Dissertation and 2002 ERCOT Seminar:
Dissertation on composite generation/transmission reliability (1.3 Mb) and at Univ of Texas Library...
...Appendices A B C D and Bibliography and Defense
IEEE paper on generation reliability modeling with transmission constraints
IEEE paper on transmission reliability modeling for multiple line outages (zipflow)
An ERCOT Seminar on Loss of Load Probability (LOLP) basic concepts.

Other Interesting Stuff:
2015-2017 Energy and CO2 articles and Greenland and Antarctica Ice Loss and EPA Report and Summary.
Mark Shellengerger exposes people and governments trying to hide their environmental harmings.
Game coding sweatshops is an example of how computers can enslave us.
New gravity equation explains galaxy rotation without needing dark matter.
Here are some interesting ideas on what is going on inside matter to make gravity.
My intention with this spherical cage is to create a fireball at the center using radial resonance at 29 MHz.
Here is a closer view showing corner coordinates and interior wires and corner construction; R&D continues...
Voltage Regulation theory by Kashem Muttaqi and Leith Elder (deceased) at the University of Wollongong.
Single Wire Earth Return distribution line is a low cost way to provide first time electricity in rural areas.
Open source Matlab code power flow solver by Dr Anthony Deese who teaches at The College of New Jersey.
A history of the IEEE Power Engineering Society Reliability Risk and Probability Methods committees.
My dissertation also revealed a way to perform Piecewise Quadratic time domain analysis.
Age of universe depends on the rate of time flow over time.
Einstein's Assumption Fails conservaton of wavefronts test.
The apparent speed of light is a constant but is it absolute?
Professor Ross Baldick lectures at the Univ of Texas.
My twitter comments on energy and climate change.
What we do in five years affects the next 300 years.
How to find the control panel in Win 10 3D edition.
How to replace a broken sony vaio touch screen.
K5GP FISTS #6643 W5JLP FISTS #5169.
Links to other K5GP amateur radio info.
K5GP's radio noise tracking equipment.
K5GP's AL80b amp bias modification.
Dave W5SWL amateur radio supplies.
K5GP's 1969 morse code keyboard.
Bigelow on Space and UFO search.
Fake photoshop of a NASA photo.
Boomer Block Pools Information.
What is an eco-modernist?
Starman's return to Earth.
Baby Elephant Rescue.
Hubble on 60 Minutes.
Elon's space ship ideas.
Interactive Stardome.
Dual Carbon Battery.
Cronicas Marcianas.
Waterway CW Net.
Beware of fake ads.
Milky Way's Twin.
Greenhouse Sheds.
Bicycle Beer Tour.
ESA Planets.
PS4 Manual.