My Tesla Model 3
How to pair up EV charging with solar panel energy production.
The Koch Brothers want to kill the electric car.
Now Presient Trump wants to kill the electric car.
Elon's 2019 report to stockholders.
Tesla 3 long range trip experiences.
ICE companies cannot market EVs.
Tesla 3 nav, wiper, shade info.
Tesla batteries part 1.
Tesla batteries part 2.
Tesla 3 battery life.
Towing a Tesla with another Tesla.
Towing a Tesla recharging the battery.
Using a 120 VAC extension cord at 240 VAC for Tesla charging.

First day photos posted on my onedrive.
Preston's home photos starting Thurs 12/07/2018:
1) Installing 240 VAC in the rain.
2) Installing 240 VAC Thurs 11 am.
3) Tesla 3 Friday 4 pm delivered.
4) Reverse camera Sunday Morn.
5) Seeing garage before backing.
6) Backing turning outside garage.
7) Energy from 250 mi to 204 miles at 2:26 pm.
8) Displaying some of the FM stations.
9) The front of the car is 30 inches from objects.
10) Another screen display.
11) There is nothing on the dashboard.
12) Video connecting the "gas hose".
13) What the rear looks like.
14) What the trunk looks like.
15) Video of license plate flopping.
16) Charge automatically when away.
17) Cell phone display two hours later.
Tire rim rubbed against a curb siding.
K5GP Ham Radio License Plates: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9