Amateur Radio and Misc Science:
K5GP's radio noise tracking equipment.
K5GP's AL80b amp bias modification.
Dave W5SWL amateur radio supplies.
K5GP's 1969 morse code keyboard.
K5GP FISTS #6643 W5JLP FISTS #5169.
Waterway CW Net.
Live short wave amateur radio and studio. ps: I'm not using this much now...
I have sold the Omni 7 and initially set up the FT100 and AL80b amp without the Icom 756 P3,
however, I decided to keep the Icom. So here is the latest setup I am using as of December 2009.
Here is a satellite view of my house and yard. There are several hidden antennas in the back yard.
An example of lettering I did on the front panel of my AL80b amplifier using a PC and printer.
Here is the word document you can use or edit to create your own lettering as I did for my AL80b.
K5GP on
home QTH and antennas and 40 meter beam design info and beam pattern.
K5GP ham radio page (old) ... info on ham radio ... samples of shortwave signals ... Free antenna handbook.
K5GP on locating and fixing power line noise: CTXDXCC and ARRL and a Midland talk and an Army Mars talk.
A noise problem with my neighbor that had a happy ending.
How to fix RFI from a high efficiency washing machine.
Austin Broadband over Power Lines Information and BPL787 group files
BPL signals in Spain wiping out the ham bands Feb 2010
K5GP's newly designed broadband 80 meter antenna with < 2:1 swr from 3.5 to 4.0 MHz also covers 160 meters.
K5GP presentation of the 160/80m broadband antenna to the CTDXCC and the computer files listed in the presentation.
Wire antenna for ham radio by Iulian Rosu YO3DAC/VA3IUL.
ICOM 756P2 & P3 Improvements: 1) S meter accuracy, 2) Improved NR, 3) Setting Output Power, and 4) Frequency Calibration.
Ten Tec Omni VII Adjustments: 1) Setting the power to 100 watts.
Sprites are a form of lightning.
Slow motion video of a lightning strike.
LED light in series with 5k ohm resistor, diode, and 18 VAC bell xfmr
Free circuit analysis software for small circuits
Pioneer 10 Anomaly Possible Explanation, a recent report, and an American Institute of Physics Bulletin.
Advanced Nuclear Propulsion Concept
Photon frequency is constant while moving between gravity potentials
Fusion Vacuum Tube Concept (+ new ideas) - see fusor group discussion
Experience the Awe and Grandeur of our Universe
Here is a newer Awe and Grandeur of Hubble and its pictures
Matrix solver program source code and .exe executable and another matrix solver
Complex Value Matrix solver program source code and .exe executable