2012-13 Politics of Energy and Climate Change:
The newest postings are at the top of each heading.
A New Study Calculates the Year Climate Change Will Hit Your City.
The IPCC latest report outlines what mankind must do to avoid a climate catastrophe and a second reference.
Michael Moore reconsiders his opinions about nuclear power, renewables, climate change, and what drives the liberal way of thinking about balancing risks.
The German plan to phase out both coal and nuclear is proving to be too costly.
Most likely the rapid ice melting at the poles and glaciers is causing the temperature to stabilize - at least for a while - as melting increases.
The politics of Canadian and US interests are discussed in this article about the Keystone XL pipeline and tar sands oil development in Canada.
This article has many inaccuracies. Basically if you are going to be anti nuclear you are automatically pro burning of fossil fuels which means you are not all that worried about climate change.
Climate Panel Cites Near Certainty on Warming; species extinctions are likely if CO2 doubles again.
Now that we have a new enhanced grid design for supporting wind power in the mid US, how will it be financed? Probably like SPP is financing their wind transmission expansion plans.
US government continues to make bad decisions concerning PU disposal and shows an inability to complete even the simplest of nuclear projects.
Pandora's Promise explains why nuclear power is necessary to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.
NY Times discusses the wide range of scientific papers on the subject of climte change now that we have reached 400 ppm CO2.
Carbon trading markets in Europe are turning out to be a failure to do their originial intended job.
Many bankruptcies are happening in Texas under the new market rules.
What nuclear energy fuel cycle?
This paper honestly shows us what is wrong with our current path of over reliance rose colored glasses solar and wind solves everything ideas.
Renounded economist Jeffrey Sachs says we need to do longer range planning of our energy supplies.
Environmentalist Robert Stone's letter promoting the need for IFR nuclear power.
Frontline exposes how professional contrarians create doubts about climate change being man made.
Comparing French German and Australian CO2 footprint per person.
Bureau of Economic Geology Jackson School of Geology brown bag seminar on water usage and electric power plant needs in Texas.
Texas Legislature members ask PUC to do something to correct the generation reliability problem.
NERC warns ERCOT that its generation supply is becoming inadequate because of the current PUCT rules.
Lamar Smith's science panel line up has the intelligence of a bunch of middle age goofuses.
Only a few scientists are willing to back up Rick Perry's goofy scientific claims?
Frontline exposes how professional contrarians create doubts about climate change being man made.
With regard to nuclear waste, the best solution may be to burn it instead of burying it. Are we smart enough too utilize this new technology?
Bill Clinton's statement that German solar equaled the output of 20 nuclear plants is misleading because there is no German solar power at night.
Jim Hopf's analysis of the Democratic and Republican energy platforms is excellent.
President Obama's omission of nuclear and inclusion of coal speaks volumes against the future of nuclear power in the US.
President Obama has not responded to the Blue Ribbon Committee letter to him concerning their recommendations for nuclear waste disposal.
Dan Rather interviews Jeffrey Sachs who presents ideas needed to save the US economy and now Jeffrey Sachs says nuclear is needed now to head off a climate disaster.
Northern hemisphere summer warming in the past 60 years and Jim Hansen's interview using this data. The temperature starts rising ~1980 and is continuing.
Branson (Virgin Atlantic) askes President Obama to support the development of the IFR reactor, however, President Obama turned down the request.
Weather Extremes Leave Parts of U.S. Grid Buckling, "nobody in charge of anything made of steel and concrete can plan based on past trends".
The US should allow S Korea to implement pyroprocessing as a way to reduce its nuclear waste.
ERCOT should follow the CAISO example to insure there is sufficient firm capacity to meet peak demands.
The AAS deleted my sentence: "You can read about it by doing a google search for caiso planning reserve margin."
The solvency of the US may be our most important national topic today and in the upcoming elections.
The correct solution to the debt problem is the Simpson-Bowles recommendations from the President's own commission of experts.
Ed Rendell ex gov of Pennsylvania says the President was slow to support the Simpson-Bowles study because hard line Republicans did not support the plan even though the committee was bipartisan.
My Energy Annuity concept is given in this paper and on the Science Council for Global Initiatives.
If the US economy is to continue to grow, the energy consumption must continue to grow also.
Links To Energy And Climate Change and Recent Global Warming Scientific Reports.
Twitter comments I have posted that I believe will benefit our society.

Important New Energy And Climate Topics:
Ocean acidification by burning fossil fuels has ominous consequences predicted in this study.
Here is an article on the cost of renewable energy in Europe. Even if we want renewables we have to pay attention to the cost of implementation.
Dr Michael Webber's film Energy At The Movies is fun to watch; however what is missing are the climate change movies as predictors of what is to come.
Highly respected Spectrum Magazine compares renewables and coal.
The Aussies connect the dots on how climate change is affecting us now - a must see film.
A drop in CO2 116 MYA led to a 5 deg C drop in temperature. This research links CO2 as a driver of Earth temperature.
Bill Gates says we have to have nuclear power to solve the climate change problem.
European rising energy costs are making the European economic recovery difficult.
Bill Gates says nuclear power is necessary to address the climate change problem.
New study confirms global temperature rise is higher than expected.
The rise in CO2 per year is accelerating well above the 2 ppm/year moving us rapidly toward the 400 ppm believed to be a tipping point.
Dr Ernie Moniz speaks on the need for nuclear power but mistakenly doesn't see a need for using pyroprocessing for processing spent fuel.
New study links the end of the last ice age with rising CO2 levels.
In Europe emissions trading is not working. This is a President Obama plan for dealing with climate change but is probably ineffective.
Galveston - rise in sea level is likely to be faster than previously repprted.
NRG cancels 800 MW coal plant plans in favor of natural gas generation but cannot finance the gas generation in the current ERCOT market design.
Germany returns to burning coal to replace retiring nuclear plants.
Will New York City be under water in 50, 100, 0r 200 years?
Bill Mahar interviews Bill McKibben on the topic of global warming, but what is the solution assuming they are correct"? Certainly wind+solar+conservation will not solve the problem.
Greenland Ice melting exposes new minerals that can be mined, such as rare earths normally supplied by China".
Dan Rather interviews Jeffrey Sachs who presents ideas needed to save the US economy and now Jeffrey Sachs says nuclear is needed now to head off a climate disaster.
Weather Extremes Leave Parts of U.S. Grid Buckling, "nobody in charge of anything made of steel and concrete can plan based on past trends".
Satellites see Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Melt and related comments.
Jim Hansen says Game Over For The Climate.
Jim Hansen makes a public posting of his paper in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.
James Hansen gives a TED talk on climate change.
Breaking News, Russians discover huge amounts of methane are being released in the Arctic.
National Geographic's article on hothouse Earth, an event that happened 56 million years ago we are about to repeat in our lifetimes. See the Cover and a Graph.
Coping With Climate Change: 2 Texas Towns Struggle for Water.
T Boone Pickens gives a TED talk on world energy and the future of energy.
ERCOT: State faces potential power shortages for the next decade. 2012 NERC assessment.
ERCOT generation capacity and reliability is deficient for the summer of 2012. See my comment at the end of this article why we have this problem.
ERCOT generation capacity and reliability is deficient for the summer of 2012. Rolling blackouts are possible if the weather is hot and generation failures occur.
A 45 billion purchase of TXU by profiteers turns into a big loser. A differently designed ERCOT market could have avoided this huge loss.
The 2012 US Energy Budget summarized relies on nuclear waste burial, lower cost solar, and small modular nuclear R&D.
PBS Frontline program Jan 17 on nuclear aftershock, what the world is doing with nuclear power after the Japanese Tsunami.
Congress cannot deal with the $15T US debt as of Nov 2011, so my Sunday School class presentation on the US debt in July 2011 when the debt was $14T is still relevant. However, the latest info is very grim indeed.
Scientists are beginning to realize that the Arctic Ice melting is accelerating which is shortening the time we have before the ocean rises. Ref: 1, 2
Latest study confirms rising global temperature is real and correlates well with other studies to the surprise of the researchers and here.
PBS Nature 'Radioactive Wolves' shows the explosion in wildlife without humans in the Chernobyl exclusion zone.
Steve Kirsch discusses a need for better planning of our energy future: ref 1 ref 2 ref 3.
James Hansen talks about his grandkids, talks about his own solar investments, and reports on US and world renewables.
This graph shows the US has made little progress in weaning off fossil fuels. Here is where France gets its
power and here is the US. Ken Rose gave an IEEE presentation on the bleak future of power in the US.
In his presentation Ken showed two possible futures representing high energy and low energy futures.
The US had a good energy plan in 1992 with the ALMR. The ALMR is now known as IFR and the GE Prism reactor. Too bad it was cancelled in 1994.
Here is a new video about EBR II.

Funding of high capital cost solar and nuclear projects is a major obstacle to CO2 reduction.
The Energy Annuity is a way to fund solar and nuclear plants without rate increases.
The utilities in ERCOT do not have a good way to finance renewable projects.
Here is a way utilities can finance large capital cost projects without raising rates.
This idea disussed on BraveNewClimate led to the creation of the Energy Annuity concept.
The Energy Annuity concept is discussed in this paper and on the Science Council for Global Initiatives.

Electric Transportation News:
EV World users indicate an interest in a nuclear powered car.
Honda fuel cell vehicle looks interesting.
Pecan Street project report says the impact of electric vehicle charging on electric grid operations could be more benign than once feared.
Proposed 1 billion dollar prize to build a better battery to compete with gasoline has interesting info about gasoline and batteries energy densities.
Energy Secretary Chu says battery prices are falling from $1200 to $600 per kWh in the next few years. Thats still a $15000 battery for 100 mile range at 4 miles per kWh - ouch.
New General Motors electric motor to be used in the Spark EV.
A discussion about the benefits of electric vehicles.
EU issues a white paper on phasing out convention automobiles by 2050.
Shai Agassi's TED talk on how we can implement electric vehilces for everyone using existing technology.
A study on the increasing use of electric vehicles.
Electric vehicle charging stations comes to San Diego.
Inverted rates are going to be bad news for electric vehicles.
Battery costs are listed for new EVs - from Technology Review February 2011.
New ultra capacitors would be useful for efficient EV rapid starts and stops.
Electric cars can make significant reductions in the US imported oil.
The US needs to match China in new EV development.
GE Chief slams US energy policy.
Can we convert sunlight and CO2 back into a fuel for transprotation?
Cities prepare for electric cars.
Improved redox flow batteries for electric cars.
Electric Vehicles can also cause CO2 if the power is supplied by fossil fueled power plants.
PG&E is planning for EVs that it expects to see soon on its system.
France is also planning for EVs that it expects to see soon on its system.
65 million electric bikes already in China with 62 mile range per kWh (2 Mb file).

Energy Storage and Efficiency News:
The California PUC is considering requiring 1.3 GW of electricity storage by 2020.
Scientists Calculate the Energy Required to Store Wind and Solar Power On the Grid.
Lets hope the MIT new flow battery is a significant improvement in the storage of electrial energy.
European and Japanese giant batteries for wind and solar.
New solid dielectric Li-S battery has some problems but looks potentially (pun) promising when compared with Li-ion batteries.
The EU Parliament in Brussels is hoping Project Volt Gas Volt (VGV) is an energy storage solution for CO2 reduction and energy independence.
Lithium-air battery has same energy density as gasoline.
Here is a source of small natural gas fuel cells.
Maker of Batteries A123 Files for Bankruptcy which it was hoped would have been a domestic battery industry for electric vehicles.
The proposed billion dollar prize to build a better battery, one that has as much energy density as gasoline.
Energy Secretary Chu says battery prices are falling from $1200 to $600 per kWh in the next few years. Thats still a $15000 battery for 100 mile range at 4 miles per kWh - ouch.
New German research on a fluoride battery may store up to ten times more energy than Li-ion per unit volume.
New MIT flow battery uses only 10% of the liquid of other flow batteries.
Xtreme Power to provide 35 MW battery storage for the Notrees wind farm in West Texas - see the Gene Preston comments.
Electic Light and Power article: Where's the logic in our rush to renewable the world?
Increasing the Vanadium redox battery efficiency by 70%.
Conservation and energy efficiency do not lower the demand as is widely believed.
Nova Science Now Smart Grids implies the transmission loss is 50%. This is patently false. The Texas and Western systems losses are 2.2% and 4.5% respectively.
Like CFL bulbs, LED lights contain toxic metals that need to be disposed of carefully.
New Li-ion battery ultracapacitor hybrid stores only 1/15th the energy of a Li-ion battery but recharges in just one minute.
Swiss study of light bulb efficiencies. I did not see LEDs mentioned.
Energy efficieny savings in homes are being cancelled by the addition of new electrical gadgets.
How far wind and solar energy can advance may be limited by a lack of ways to store the intermittent energy.
Super efficient homes have not caught on in the US.
Livermore Lab licenses `zinc air' fuel cell.
When It Comes to Car Batteries, Moore's Law Does Not Compute.
Many Americans are clueless on how to save energy. Could it be that Americans want more energy, not less?
Honda Civic Hybrid batteries are failing prematurely.
Batteries are needed to store wind energy for use when the wind is not blowing.
Germans use wind power to create natural gas for energy storage.
New catalyst discovered for generating hydrogen from water.
New developments in ultra capacitors for energy storage.
Americans favor conservation, but few practice it according to this survey.
Graphene creates transparent electrode in organic LEDs paving the way for new super efficient lighting.
This is an example of a conservation program that is wasting money and accomplishing nearly nothing.
US Geothermal plant may produce lithium and other rare minerals.
Campus student power produces 100 watts for half an hour stints, or 50 kWh energy.
A new sodium ion battery will be tested after receiving a government grant for R&D.
A new hydrogen gas storage method has been discovered.
GE to Open Sodium-Metal Halide Battery Plant in New York.
We need Na ion batteries to replace Li ion batteries to make energy storage more affordable.
R&D on low cost refrigerator sized sodium sulfur battery.
The University of Texas has a new grant to do research on a sunlight to hydrogen concept.
Is the Lead-Carbon battery going to be the game changer for energy storage?
Xtreme Power offers storage at 1 $/W + .4 $/Wh, check em out!
A Quest for Batteries to Alter the Energy Equation.
New Ultra Capacitor Development and here and here and here and here and here and here.
Energy storage devices for future hybrid electric vehicles.

Solar News:
Barry Brook critiques the 2009 Scientific American paper on WWS wind water solar providing all our energy needs by 2030.
Those low cost Chinese solar panels are now seen to be falling apart after a couple of years.
Environmentalists don't like large scale wind and solar projects.
Solar power industry is now just reaching break even on energy produced exceeding energy needed to make solar power.
The Sunshot Vision Study is a reasonable study in how much capacity solar could provide. Too bad it didn't mention that solar + nuclear together could nearly elminate CO2 GHG emissions by 2050.
In California solar power plants are eating up farming land to connect to existing transmission lines.
German solar daily output curve tracks the sun and serves daily peaking which could compliment nuclear base load generation.
A lack of transmission lines in the US southwest keeps the US from tapping into this large energy source.
See the new Apple 40 MW solar farm in N Carolina. Note the negative comments are valid concerns with this technology.
US solar market in the second quarter of 2012 grew by 116% over the second quarter of 2011.
Highly respected IEEE Spectrum finds that the solar effort in Spain is probably not effective in weaning off fossil fuels.
Another solar company files for bankruptcy. Is there a US solar company doing well?
The Chinese chose to advance nuclear and scale back growth in wind and solar - see these articles: 1, 2, 3, 4.
DOW solar shingles come to Austin and here is the DOW website and here are the local outlets.
Brightsource Solar has to admit their plans are not working out, which indicates solar is still too expensive as an energy source.
India expands its use of solar power. Note the cleaning method saves water and gives India new jobs.
Here is a new solar cell discovery at the University of Texas. This may be significant if the technology can be brought to market.
This table shows solar project fundings and subsidies by the DOE.
New 4 volt solar cell has been announced and will be trying to move the technology to consumers.
Sterling Energy Systems files for chapter 7 bankruptcy after being dumped by several large utility companies (Did they go with Chinese PV instead?).
Solyndra is silent at House hearing, suggesting they have something (illegal?) to hide from the public.
First Solar is not making enough money to stay in business. Will this be the next solar company to file for bankruptcy?
Solyndra it the third solar plant manufacturer in the US to file for bankruptcy which resulted in a raid of the facility by the FBI.
Brightsource plant will use thermal energy stored in the form of molten salt to get night time operation.
Here is an argument that even if the world could be powered by renewables, we couldn't afford it - what do you think?
Spain comes to its economic senses and suspends solar subsidies not working as intended.
Bill Gates says that solar is not up to the task of solving the climate change and world energy problems.
Floating solar panels on ponds help minimize the cost of steel supporing structures and produce about 300 kW per acre of water surface.
Brightsource Ivanpah Solar plant cost is $2.2 billion for 392 MW which is 5.6$/W, a bit more costly than the lowest cost PV solar farms which are slightly less than 4 $/W.
Sarnia Solar Project uses solar cells costing less than $1/W and the 80 MW project cost is $300 million.
Heavy renewables countries Germany and Denmark have the highest electric rates in Europe.
Notes taken for the Austin Energy solar presentation at an IEEE Power Engineering Society meeting March 22, 2011.
Solar COOP farm in CA is getting close to the kind of ownership I have been talking about. They aren't quite there yet though, i.e. as far as financing goes.
Praying for an energy miracle and Gene Preston's comment discusses why this it not going to happen with solar.
Solar data is beginning to come in to the PUC under filings for renewable energy credits such as this one in El Paso.
A good reference showing the solar profile of fixed rooftop solar panels.
New solar 150 MW solar farm in New Mexico is projected to have 34% capacity factor and ~3.5 $/watt.
AE Solar is still on hold after 2 years. Here is a second article on the same subject.
Gene Preston shows that a customer prepaying for off site centralized tracking PV solar saves a lot of money over investing in rooftop solar panels.
Alan Bard has been trying to harness solar energy for the past decade at the Univ of Texas.
The end of solar thermal power projects is in sight and is being displaced by lower cost solar PV tracking systems. This is also the end of solar thermal storage projects.
The solar permit process varies widely from municipality to municipality, which the industry says adds to its costs and delays its expansion..
Huge solar project is sold off. Its back to the drawing board for solar power in California.
Texas has seen the light on solar power if the energy annuity concept is used so that individual customers can directly invest in these centralized solar plants.
Here is a useful web site giving the cost per watt of solar plants in California, which are more expensive than the one in San Marcos (below).
20 MW solar plant in San Marcos, Texas costs $74 million which is $3.7 per watt, and is the best price to date for a solar plant that I have seen.
Un economical solar projects would come to a grinding halt if it were not for US government grants and tax breaks.
West Texas solar project withdraws from City Public Service contract.
1000 MW Blythe solar plant design uses air cooling to minimize water consumption. Cost is more than 4 times greater than a nuclear plant.
Austin Energy's 30 MW solar power plant is put on hold.
Austin's climate protection plan smolders in 2010.
U.S. fails to use land set aside for solar power. Not one project to build solar farms has broken ground.
This new 50 MW solar plant is energy equivalent to a 23 MW nuclear plant and costs $16,500/kW.
Electrostatics proposed to keep solar panels free of dust - has yet to be demonstrated - but is a good idea.
New Chinese solar plant costs $3533/kW on its peak MW basis, but costs $32815/kW on its energy production basis.
SMUD rates (>12c/kWh) are high enough to pay for $2/W fixed solar panels.
60 MW 600 acre solar farm in Pflugerville TX costs $230 million (4 $/W and 2.3 W/sq ft).
New 24% efficient solar array and also this reference for a 41% efficient solar cell.
This solar plant has an estimated cost of $330,000 for 82 kW of installed capacity which is $4/watt.
High Spanish solar power subsidy is abused by use of gasoline generators.
A new method has been discovered for solar photovoltaics.
Lower cost plastic solar panels are being studied and developed.
Michael Webber discusses solar power in Texas.
The CO2 hypocrisy of low cost Chinese solar panels used in Austin's new solar projects is revealed here.
Subsidizing solar power leads to financial collapse in Spain.
75 MW solar plant in Florida is world's second largest.
Can Heliovolt challenge First Solar?
Introduced legislation sets aside a million acres of the Mojave Desert in California and scuttles plans for solar plants.
DOW rooftop shingles are most likely to drop the installed cost down to $2/watt which makes solar rooftop power economic.
Here is a proposed space based solar project, however there is no mention of its cost.
Renewable nirvana - the full report assumes too many successes and omits important economics.
Iron sulfied solar cells have high 30% efficiency and low materials cost.
A lack of water will stop the development of large solar farms in desert areas.
Another article on the lack of water for cleaning solar panels in the desert southwest.
Here is a solar COOP in Colorado offering lower cost solar power from a centralized plant.
A US company will build the world's largest solar plant in China.
New SunCatcher Power System Ready For Commercial Production In 2010 signs an agreement with CPS and more info on this technology.
The facts concerning Al Gore's large home and high energy consumption.
Spain's solar plant with night energy storage 40% capacity factor and $22/watt system.
ESolar expects to start up its large solar thermal plant soon.
Winter weather is no friend to renewable energy.
Dr Grady's 2008 renewable energy conference at the University of Texas at Austin included a presentation by HelioVolt, a new startup thin film solar technology company here in Austin Texas whose technology is a result of research funded by NASA. The opening of this talk discussed the topic of Dr Edgar's Heliovolt presentation given to his University of Texas (energy policy) class.

Wind Power News:
Would the true cost of wind power please stand up. Critics question DOE costs for wind.
Austin Energy purchases 570 MW coastal wind for 1.4 billion dollars.
Texas Parks and Wildlife impact of wind generators on wildlife. Another video. Another video.
Barry Brook critiques the 2009 Scientific American paper on WWS wind water solar providing all our energy needs by 2030.
Environmentalists don't like large scale wind and solar projects.
Court finds that wind is not yet suitable for providing base load power.
Australians respond to the claim that wind can replace coal generation in Australia.
Texas Parks and Wildlife shows how radar can be used to shut down wind generators when a flock of birds appears.
Federal Regulations protecting Lesser Prairie Chicken may curtail wind developement.
Wind power poses a threat to the lesser prairie chicken in the Texas panhandle - did we make a CREZ mistake?
Wind generators are killing birds in California.
Wind power in ERCOT and SPP set record levels of output power.
Here is a discussion on how to finance wind projects if the prduction tax credit goes away.
The UK puts a stop to wind power development to protect the countryside; calls wind power a dangerous delusion.
Wind has a limit on how much can be added before the costs get out of hand and the CO2 reduction stops reducing as more wind is added.
T Boone Pickens backs out of wind power in Minnesota after complaints from citizens about noise and a potential loss of the production tax credit.
TCAP report for Texas wind discusses problems and benefits of wind power in Texas.
Wind generators face opposition in Canada.
The Chinese chose to advance nuclear and scale back growth in wind and solar - see these articles: 1, 2, 3, 4.
Wind generator produces up to 200 gallons of water per day in the desert.
Wind power in the Netherlands might be causing additional CO2 release according to this analysis.
Another paper states the same theory that wind increases CO2 release for Great Britain Wind power.
Transmission bottlenecks are limiting the maximum power of Germany's off shore wind farms.
Transmission lines being built in Southwest Power Pool specifically for wind power.
AWEA posts study results showing how wind energy is reducing CO2 and a response disagreeing with the AWEA study.
BPA dispatches hydro ahead of wind generation because of river flow requirements. Wind is curtailed when there are transmission constraints.
Joseph DeCarolis PhD Thesis in 2004 concerning wind power and a shorter journal version.
Excess hydro in the BPA system may require more wind curtailment that desired because of transmission constraints.
Taking too much energy from wind and wave power could cause climate change also.
T Boone gives up on wind as a part of his energy plan. Ref 2
Wall Street Journal says government wind subsidies are costly to US tax payers.
Wind power in Texas is discussed by a University of Texas student.
Offshore wind in Europe is requiring the use of DC underwater cables.
This article states that all the US energy could be provided by off shore wind, however there is not a transmission superhighway that is needed to support this system design.
6000 MW offshore wind farm interconnected with underwater lines is proposed along the eastern US coast.
Island residents praise new wind turbines and then learn they make a lot of noise.
GE Chief slams US energy policy.
Gene's comments on transmission needed for large scale wind power in the US.
Wind power growth in Texas is slowed until more transmission lines are constructed.
Wind generator blades create radar imaging problems for the military and aircraft, what about sea going vessels dependent on radar?
Powering the world with wind and solar - ignores details of how an electric system actually works.
American Wind Energy Association predicts wind can supply 20% of US electric energy by 2030 reducing all natural gas usage 11% and coal by 18%.
Homeowners receive $5000 to stop complaining about wind turbine noise.
Off shore wind is approved for the first time in the US.
Judge's ruling puts damper on building power lines for new wind farms.
PBS NOW show talks about the need for new transmission to support renewables.
UK plans for most ambitious offshore wind project in the world will need 'supergrid'.
Rock climbers find new job opportunities working on wind turbines.
U.S. Transmission Planners Eye Britain's 'One-Stop Shop' for Siting.
Opposition to a new wind power transmission line crossing Palo Duro Canyon.
West Virginia wind farm restricted to protect bats.
Wind generators versus bird conservation. The jury is still out on this one.
If you like wind renewable energy you at least need to like transmission.
Every day Danes profit from pioneering wind power.
Danes show off several energy efficiency projects.
An article on wind power in Texas.
Tres Amigas substation proposes to connect together WECC, ERCOT, and SPP for the exchange of wind power.
Wind power needs more new lines to connect the wind generators to.
Norwegian Phd topic for 50,000 MW of offshore wind and local hydro energy storage. Transmission congestion is expected to occur.
The Nov 09 Issue of Scientific American omits transmission which is necessary for wind development. Californian's adversity to power lines means this concept doesn't have a chance of succeeding.
T Boone's wind plans fail due to lack of transmission and here and here and here.
IEEE article on transmission which is needed for wind development.
An Important Article showing just how backward the US is compared with Europe.
CREZ transmission planning in Texas - see the ERCOT website.
T. Boone Picken's Energy Plan and web page for joining his movement.
Roscoe wind farm ATC (available transmission capability) study was done by this consultant.
Comment on wind: Currently wind cannot provide "base" generation. Gas, coal, and/or nuclear power is required at these times. Furthermore a large transmission investment is needed to connect windy areas of the US with load centers. The lack of transmission is slowing down the development of wind.

World Oil Outlook and Natural Gas News:
Scientists report their studies show that fracking is not a long term energy supply source in the US.
Texas leads the country in natural gas production.
This is an article raising concerns about the expanded use of natural gas and whether its clean or not (NOT is what the article is about.).
The world isn't running out of oil, its running into it, an interesting interview you should see.
IEEE Spectrum magazine takes a look at fracking and earthquakes and asks if fracking causes earthquakes.
New York and other northeastern states are banning hydraulic fracking.
University of Texas study says the Barnett gas field should produce through 2030.
With a new California oil discovery, the primary driver for nuclear power may be CO2 reduction.
Al Jazeera Fault Lines presents contamination testimonies from fracking operations.
British scientists make oil from CO2 in the air plus electricity.
2013 Natural Gas prices are expected to rise above the $5/mmbtu cost to produce the gas. Note that $5/mmbtu results in about 5 cents/kwh.
New York proceeds cautiously with allowing natural gas fracking.
Fracking waste water disposal poses water contamination risk, asks for tighter regs to prevent this.
Chimera Energy of Houston, Texas develops fracking technique that uses no water.
New Shale Oil Well in South Texas is perhaps the largest discovery of new oil reserves in the United States since Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.
T Boone Pickens gives a TED talk on world energy and the future of energy.
The Austin American Statesman editors voice a concern about the use of fracking natural gas.
Fossil fuel use is going back up while renewables remains nearly flat, some wind gain, some hydro loss, and solar is to small to have a measurable impact.
This is a form of insanity by an industry that is desperate to keep burning oil at any cost. We're going to burn in hell for this irresponsibility.
Over a year a drop in gasoline prices by 50 cents per gallon is worth 70 billion dollars annually to the US.
Exxon and Russia sign a deal allowing Exxon to develop arctic oil and Russia access to oil fields Exxon owns.
EPA reports fracking caused well water contamination in the 1980's.
First Fuel Cell to power a residential building in New York.
T Boone Pickens urges conversion of 18 wheelers to natural gas to reduce our dependence on imported oil.
Study finds more than expected wells contaminated with natural gas after fracturing is used in the area.
A new way to get oil from shale is being proposed in this paper.
Congressional testimony on hazardous chemicals pumped into the ground in the fracturing process.
Natural gas from shale may contribute more GHG than coal due to the fracking practice of releasing methane.
Natural gas is found to not be a clean energy replacement for coal after all.
World population growth since 1960 will not be sustained as costs increase.
Is this a replacement for oil?.
NY Times says gas laws are lax.
IEEE report on natural gas fracking process.
There is no recovery in sight as we round over the top of peak oil and people begin starving.
Saudis announce that their oil reserves are less than once thought.
The most important lecture you will ever hear - Arithmetic, Population, and Energy - a talk by Professor Al Bartlett at the University of Colorado.
Natural gas fracking causes earthquakes in Arkansas.
Natural gas fracking process pumping diesel fuel into the ground violates safe water EPA rules.
Here is information on a leaked German military study on peak oil.
Declining energy limits global economic growth.
Movie producer Robert Stone gives a parody between himself and an oil executive who is putting forth a story line about how their company is developing renewbles.
UC Davis study says that renewables are not going to be ready in time when the oil runs out.
Australian Professor says IEA oil production rates forecasts are too high for the new ocean wells oil sources.
Uranium in Groundwater? 'Fracking' Mobilizes Uranium in Marcellus Shale creating a new environmental concern about Fracking.
Its important that the US move its fleet of large trucks to burning natural gas as soon as possible.
Various peak oil forecasts. We will know the actual only in retrospect. For all the curves, the US will need to soon reduce its oil usage.
The complexities of off shore oil are discussed in the post BP accident article, suggesting peak oil is soon.
This 2006 documentary called Crude Impact is eerily accurate today, however it is nearly silent on energy solutions.
The origins of oil are discussed in this article.
NPR interviews Michael Klare on the topic of the age of easy oil is now over.
Peak oil is coming soon and the world is not ready for it.
The world oil supply is at a tipping point according to this March 2010 report.
A new article discussing a peak oil forecast for 2014 from Kuwait oil producers.
Bloom box fuel cell might produce energy efficiently from natural gas.
But fuel cells have been around for a while, like this one.
Zero CO2 natural gas plant and the CO2 removal cost is $15/tonne.
America's greatness is being unraveled by its dependence on oil. US citizens need to begin conserving oil as a national priority.
Dr. Colin Campbell, a petroleum geologist, talks to EV World about the peak oil problem.
Huge new reserves of natural gas have been discovered.
IEA revises peak oil forecast, moving it ten years closer in time.
Peak Oil World Oil Timeline presented at a recent Univ of Texas seminar that gives a sense of how fast oil resources are being depleted.
Please watch "Peak Oil", an Australian produced documentary. Speed is best on www.abc.net.au from 8 AM to Noon US time.

Geothermal, Water, and Bio News:
Barry Brook critiques the 2009 Scientific American paper on WWS wind water solar providing all our energy needs by 2030.
Small hydro projects have some negative effects as described in this report.
Here is potentially a process for making hydrogen directly from plants.
Jim Propes writes about how costly and what a bad deal the Austin Wood Burning plant actually is.
Blogger Cyril R notes that agriculture is the single largest user of water supplies, using 80% of the total.
Swedish study shows bio fuels are not CO2 neutral after all.
Geothermal energy is plentiful but may cause earthquakes.
European study finds that bio fuels are as CO2 release intensive as conventional petrol fuels.
SMU Geothermal Mapping Report Confirms Vast Coast-To-Coast Clean Energy Source in U.S.
Now the Nevada Geothermal Plant is struggling with debt because the plant does not produce as much power as expected.
DOE Awards $350 Million Loan Guarantee For Nevada Geothermal Project. ref 1 ref 2 ref 3
Fresh water is best made from the waste heat from nuclear plants an Indian study shows.
Large variations in bio fuels shows that sometimes conventional fossil fuels create less greenhouse gases than bio fuels.
Many hot springs are in Japan but not much electricity is geothermal.
Fresh and salt water sources are combined to make electric power.
Geothermal projects remain as small projects. What we need are larger projects, >1000 MW to make a significant impact.
New bio fuel can be mixed with gasoline in any percentage amount.
23 MW geothermal plant is 5.6 $/W, slightly more costly than STP 3 and 4 at 4.5 $/W.
4400 aging dams at risk of failure and not enough money can be found to fix them.
The Texas Forest Industries Council testify to the Texas PUC against wood burning plant subsidies. And their second testimony.
Rand study says bio fuels don't benefit the US military.
EPA defers greenhouse gas ruling on bio fuels.
Is Hawaii a good location to test and develop geothermal plants?
A new biomass plant is closed because of its high cost, others are more successful.
Geothermal projects receive a boost and new well activity increases.
DOE provides partial guaranteed funding for 49.5 MW Blue Mountain geothermal power project in Nevada.
Tidal power company in Maine reports success with commercial-sized underwater turbine.
Australian wave energy proposal. What about barnacle buildup in 2 years?
The barnacle problem might be solved by this type of project, however its still an R&D concept.
Before you go off promoting new hydro projects you need to read about the history of Hetch Hetchy.
Before you go off promoting new hydro projects you need to read about the efforts to restore streams and rivers.
IEEE special report on water versus energy.
New 22 MW geothermal plant gets $102 million loan guarantee from the DOE.
A tidal power news announcement.
Growing plants for food instead of for energy saves energy overall.
Kenya hopes to build 5000 MW of geothermal power.
First Chilean geothermal plant to be on line in 2013.
NV Energy Signs 32-MW Geothermal PPA.
Engineers Find Significant Environmental Impacts With Algae-Based Biofuel.
DOE implements new geothermal drilling standards to avoid initiating earthquakes.
More efficient desalinazation process is being tested in Canada.
Hopeful Obama geothermal project is shut down because it was causing earthquakes in California.
Here is a 1000 MW wave power project off Scotland to be completed by 2020 and another reference.
3100 MW of Geothermal power is spread over 70 plants (44 MW average), geothermal remains an underdeveloped resource.
Here is a massive tidal energy project in Korea as reported by Worldfocus News.
German Geothermal Project Leads to Second Thoughts After the Earth Rumbles.
A report on some geothermal activity in the US.
Geothermal mining company creates an earthquake in Switzerland then moves to the US.

Climate Change Science News:
Using Bismuth instead of gold or silver to convert CO2 to CO, might be a path to capturing CO2.
Its a good idea to put distribution lines underground to keep storms downing trees from knocking out power in neighborhoods.
IEEE Spectrum reports large ice melting in 2012.
Northern hemisphere summer warming in the past 60 years and Jim Hansen's interview using this data. Note how the temperature starts rising about 1980.
Satellites see Unprecedented Greenland Ice Sheet Melt.
CO2 levels continue to rapidly rise at even higher rates each year and another article.
Jim Hansen says Game Over For The Climate.
Jim Hansen looks at a 60 million year record and sees a 50 ft ocean rise possibility and considers deep ocean temperatures in this new paper.
Jim Hansen makes a public posting of his paper in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.
James Hansen gives a TED talk on climate change.
NY Times comments about climate change deniers and how they influence politics. Also read the comments by readers. And read this new reference.
Breaking News Dec 13 2011, Russians discover huge amounts of methane are being released in the Arctic.
Scientists are beginning to realize that the Arctic Ice melting is accelerating which is shortening the time we have before the ocean rises. Ref: 1, 2 National Geographic's article on hothouse Earth, an event that happened 50 million years ago we are about to repeat in our lifetimes.
NASA article says that greenhouse gases continue to rise.
The dark side of green energy is discussed as to what is happening in Phoenix.
Anything that results in hydrogen sulfide buildup in the oceans is dangerous, such as the CO2 buildup or man made ocean geoengineering gone awry.
Global CO2 is found to be rising rapidly. Renewables, conservation, and nuclear power are not making any significant impact.
Scientists want better satellite data to improve climate change models.
Switching from coal to natural gas does little to help the climate change problem.
Professor Andrew Dessler at Texas A&M takes on Rick Perry about Mr Perry's claim that humans aren't affecting climate change.
James Hansen talks about his grandkids, talks about his own solar investments, and reports on US and world renewables.
NASA says Earth matters and talks about what is happening in the Arctic.
Current Carbon Dioxide Emission Is Higher Than It Was Just Before Ancient Episode of Severe Global Warming.
Surprise: Biodegradable products are releasing methane to the atmosphere, a greenhouse gas 20 to 30 times worse than CO2.
James Hansen reflects on his climate change talks in New Zealand compared to talks he has given in the US that did not go well.
A new ocean rise prediction forecast is soon to be published as described by Jim Spencer on KXAN TV.
American's beliefs about climate change is more politically driven than scientific.
James Hansen predicts a 5 meter ocean rise by the end of this century.and here and here and here and here and for Popular Science Magazine.
A web site discussing how to "Decarbonise SA (South Australia) hosted by Barry Brook.
Climate skeptic scientist redoes temperature rise calculations and obtains same results as other scientists.
GRACE satellite web site and a video of the ice loss mass.
Greenland Ice mass loss at the end of 2010 as measured by the Grace satellite.
Tyson's Cosmic take on global warming (select the correct video out of the list and continue with the second video also).
Track the latest climate change indicators.
A conversation between James Hansen and Bill McKibben of 350.org.
Worst case scenario in this report is the most likely to happen because of our addiction to oil and coal.
Dr James Hansen talks about climate change and the role China will play in this story as it develops.
Study confirms early climate change with release of volcanic CO2.
Testimony by Eugene Preston to the Sierra Club TCEQ Sunset Review Panel concerning the acceleration of Greenaland's ice melting rate and its possible consequences.
Scientist recommends coastal cities begin planning for five feet of ocean rise by 2100.
Steven Chu talks about climate change and energy developments in a talk he gave in Scotland.
Greenland is experiencing record-setting high temperatures, ice melt and glacier area loss.
Geoengineering won't curb sea-level rise.
CO2 is found to be the primary gas controlling the Earth's temperature and the same conclusions from an international study group.
James Hansen speaks at the Freedom Plaza before the Appalachia Rising march to the White House on 27 September.
NASA new model for calculating movement of water from glaciers to the oceans based on GRACE satellite data.
Global 2 C rise at 450 ppm will be reached in 30 years at the current CO2 production rate.
Arctic ice melting tipping point reached at 400 ppm CO2 within a decade.
British Panel Clears Scientists. No evidence was found that scientists had manipulated their research.
HDNet Dan Rather interviews respected climate scientist who says on page 17 there is a chance NY City could be under 3 ft of water in 50 years.
Austin Energy Plan is too little too late to address climate change.
25 years of Arctic Ocean ice melting; drag the time bar to the 2:10 min mark to view the graphics.
2009 Copenhagen IPCC report showing the Arctic region ice melting rate is exceeding all previous forecasts.
WorldFocus News at 1:15 min Jim Hansen says Copenhagen is not enough and 21:20 min India's glaciers are fast disappearing.
National Public Radio interviews Jim Hansen about climate change.
Jim Hansen on the David Letterman show talking about climate change.
Minnesota Public Radio interviews Jim Hansen about climate change. Drag the bar to 41:30 to hear Jim Hansen recommend that President Obama should have the National Academy of Sciences write a report on climate change.
Texas Climate News gives links to articles in the news about how climate change is affecting various projects.
James Hansen's home page at Columbia University where you can find climate information updates.
James Hansen's new book: STORMS OF MY GRANDCHILDREN - The Truth About The Coming Climate Catastrophe And Our Last Chance To Save Humanity.
Power plants top the list of greenhouse gas producers.
The UN Report on the need to take action.
NASA Scientist Jim Hansen's recent climate report and a Summary of this report made recently to EV World Premium Subscribers.
Ocean Rise Prediction made by Gene Preston.
NASA news on our changing climate.

Coal and CO2 News:
US ends support for the use of public money to build coal power plants.
Missippi plant shows the cost 'clean coal' as reported in the WSJ.
Carbon capture, once President Obama's vision, is losing interest and support, because its expensive and environmently risky (i.e. possible litigation from land owners).
New proposed EPA rules on the maximum CO2 that can be emitted for new power plants, 1000 lbs/MWh for gas and 1100 lbs/MWh for coal.
Here is a newly patented method for removal of CO2 from exxhaust gasses from a coal power plant.
Fracking and distant earthquakes are making deep earth based waste storage sights more prone to failure, i.e. CO2 sequestration may not be a good idea.
Finding sites suitable for storing CO2 is not a simple process, making the technology less affordable than initially thought.
NRG cancels 800 MW coal plant plans in favor of natural gas generation.
Germany returns to burning coal to replace retiring nuclear plants.
Carbon capture and storage development is not happening fast enough according to this Scientific American article.
Australian carbon tax is causing a reduction in the burning of coal.
Carbon Capture experts now say that too few CCS plants are being built to deal with climate change.
Carbon Capture, Storage Too Expensive, Commercial Outlook Dim, CBO Says.
Carbon Capture and Storage liabilities and regulations are discussed in this report.
Environmentalists learn to love a Texas coal plant.
There seems to be plenty of space to store CO2, but the cost of getting it there is high.
CCS roadshow was in Austin TX Nov 8 2011 with 35 in attendance.
Futuregen 2, the carbon capture and storage demo project for the US now appears to be on the rocks as Ameren backs out. My guess is the problem is both legal and the technology itself is too costly.
The Non Story on CO2 capture and sequestration (CCS) speaks volumes.
ERCOT may have rolling blackouts if coal plants are shut down too soon.
Coal Gen Conference has speakers saying that under new EPA rules its not possible to build a new coal plant.
AEP cancels CCS project due to a classic chicken and egg problem with regulations on cost recovery.
Petroleum coke plant is stopped in Louisiana.
EU cap and trade program is still a work in progress.
Santee Cooper 600 MW power plant (brand new) is now for sale.
Coal ash is more radioactive than nuclear waste according to this Scientific American article.
Carbon Capture and Storage - Carbon Dioxide Pressure Dissipates in Underground Reservoirs - Scientists debate whether it will work or not.
EPA proposed new rules regulating coal plant, which affects Texas more than other states.
LCRA issues a statement about its Fayette Coal plant as a response to litigation against the plant.
We could use coal as a feed stock and use nuclear energy to turn it into a liquid fuel.
The CO2 problem was almost licked. Incredibly environmentalists brought it back to life.
Japan develops a new CO2 capture process.
New proposed coal rules should help prevent or at least reduce coal mining accidental deaths.
A proposed 400 MW, $2.2 billion clean coal plant in West Texas received an air permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.
EPA continues with greenhouse gas rule making activities.
CCS might trigger mini earthquakes which might cause cracks an leak the stored CO2 into the atmosphere.
Leaking CO2 in CCS storage facilities may contaminate ground water according to a new study.
China plans to shut down 100 small coal plants in 2011.
Update on the Futuregen carbon capture and storage project.
Coal companies resist new regulations being implemented now.
Peabody Coal Company's Vision for low cost electric energy through 2050.
University professor receives more funds than he expected for CCS research.
DOE giving $575 million for 22 carbon capture grant projects.
Report of the Interagency Task Force on Carbon Capture and Storage to President Obama.
Austin/LCRA Fayette coal plant found to be contaminating ground water, which is not a good sign for the future of coal power.
Utilities keep building coal plants to keep short range costs down while ignoring long range environmental effects.
DOE puts 1 billion dollars into CCS retrofit of an existing plant in Illinois.
Dr Ted Patzek says that projected coal use is going to decline soon because coal is increasingly hard to mine.
Montana-Saskatchewan carbon capture project is likely to be shelved due to its high cost.
This study suggests CO2 tax levels needed to reduce CO2 emissions.
Carbon Sequestration: Steam Process Could Remove Carbon Dioxide to Regenerate Amine Capture Materials.
Carbon Capture and Storage, boon or burden? - As Europeans discuss the topic.
Carbon Capture and Storage long term consequences - As Europeans discuss the topic.
Ottawa tells energy firms to start powering down coal-fired plants.
Germans explore burning coal underground.
EPA wants to shut down this mining operation.
Environmental damage being done in the eastern states by mountain top coal mining.
Carbon Capture and Storage doesn't hold water.
DOE offers $154 Million for NRG Energy carbon capture project in Texas.
UT receives a grant to assist with the above CCS project which will cost over $5000/kW just for the CCS.
West Virginia coal strip mining is eating up the landscape.
Air Force tests a more efficient process for making jet fuel from coal.
CO2 sequestration mandate is recommended by climatologists; however, this may drive utilities to abandon coal altogether.
JAMA considers there are risks associated with CCS that are not being properly considered by legislators.
CCS Alberta 240 km pipeline costs $528(US) million and transports 14.6 million tons CO2 per year.
Coal produces 46% of the US electric energy.
EPA issues new GHG rules which may be the kiss of death for projects like Big Stone II.
French President Sarkozy proposes $24.74 CO2 tax.
A $27.74 French CO2 tax would make old US coal plants uneconomical compared to the NRG nuclear plant.
MIT CO2 capture papers do not cover the topic of local water contamination by CO2 sequestration in deep saline water deposits, which is a very significant failure of this conference.
..... Examples of environmental challenges for pumping CO2 into the ground: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (outcome of tests in TX?)
Alstom's chilled ammonia CO2-capture process advances toward commercialization, but what do you do with 3 million lbs of CO2 each hour from a 1000 MW coal plant?
Geologists Map Rocks to Soak CO2 From Air.
Several large power companies point out problems with the cap and trade system being proposed.
Europe considers replacing CO2 cap and trade with emission limits.
Texas governor downplays coal's environmental problems.
EPRI reports coal is expensive when environmental costs are included.
An Interesting Tour of a Chinese Clean Coal Plant - including CO2 capture.
The TVA Ash Sludge Spill is likely to turn into a coal industry equivalent of the Three Mile Island incident. Updates: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48
Clean Coal Backers Pitch Project for Stimulus Plan.
NERC Report on Climate Change Initiative (this is very important).
The coal industry prefers a CO2 tax rather than a cap and trade system.
MIT suggests new way to remove CO2 from coal power plant emissions.
Has the Discovery Channel found a solution to the CO2 capture problem?
Coal-generated Carbon Dioxide Captured In Australia -- A First
Increased electric use of electric power is necessary to lower CO2 production.
EPRI report says that electric vehicles could significantly reduce greenhouse gases.
US DOE cuts FutureGen funding because of cost and the Bush administration politics (wrong site was selected).
But wait! Now the FutureGen project is restarted, however, AEP and Southern Company have now withdrawn from the project.

Nuclear Fission News:
The topic of nuclear power keeps reemerging as the climate change issue heats up.
New process could reduce the amount of nuclear waste by 90%.
Britain hires the Chinese to help build a new nuclear plant.
Taylor Wilson talks about his visions for nuclear power.
Nuclear obstructionism is unwarrented and is responsible for nuclear power delays, cost increases, and worsening the climate change problem.
A white paper on the UK spend nuclear fuel proposed program.
Russia continues to advance ahead of the US in new nuclear power plant designs with this new floating plant using SMR technology.
Barry Brook critiques the 2009 Scientific American paper on WWS wind water solar providing all our energy needs by 2030.
Here is a video about the fast neutron nuclear project called EBR II and how it was foolishly cancelled in 1994 after a highly successful 30 year run.
The MSR or molten salt reactor is thought to have much promise.
Pandora's Promise explains why nuclear power is necessary to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.
Taylor Wilson TED talk about his radical plan for a small nuclear fission reactor.
Here is a promotion for the use of Thorium as the fuel in a nuclear power plant.
Chinese complete a 4.1 GWe plant costing $7.2 billion in less than 5 years, this is $1.76/W and an energy cost of about 2.2 c/kwh.
A new nuclear concept is proposed. Its encouraging seeing young people engaged in finding new nuclear power solutions.
In spite of nuclear fears a NASA report estimates millions of lives have been saved by the use of nuclear power.
Cutting edge technologies for the development of peaceful nuclear power from experts around the world.
Five reasons why intelligent liberals don't like nuclear power.
Exelon says its nuclear fleet is a low-cost and extremely competitive set of long-term assets, and will avoid shifting away from nuclear based on short-term fluctuations in natural gas prices.
WHO sees minimal cancer risks from the Fukushima accident.
British plan for 16 GW of new nuclear plant capacity.
Court finds that wind is not yet suitable for providing base load power.
Here is an excellent video on pyroprocessing from the Argonne National Laboratory.
TVA is developing a SMR small modular reactor.
NASA explores low energy nuclear reactions (LENR) but it not cold fusion LENR. This is new technology.
Linear nuclear exposure harm is found to be false. Only higher doses are found to be harmful. Evolution has protected us from lower dosages.
LWRs will evaporate ~50-75 million liters daily depending on several factors.
Pro Nuclear films that paint a different picture about peaceful nuclear energy than what is in the usuall press.
Robert Stone's letter promoting the need for nuclear power to solve the climate change problem.
Japan will build new safer nuclear reactors rather than abondon nuclear power altogether.
Russians design a new fast neutron reactor to burn and eliminate nuclear waste.
New small nuclear power plant is developed using uranium instead of plutonium.
GE-Hitachi develops laser enrichment process.
A poster at Berkley concerning fast neutron reactors to burn up nuclear waste as envisioned by Bill Gates' Terra Power reactor design.
A Wisconsin nuclear plant is shut down to improve shareholder's return on investment; possibly a consequence of the market design?
Bruce power plant in Ontario is brought back on line after 17 years being mothballed.
Should we embrace nuclear power or not? Generation IV reactors are examined.
With regard to nuclear waste, the best solution may be to burn it instead of burying it.
South Korea urges US to allow it to reprocess, peacefully use, and dispose of spent nuclear fuel.
Here is a six part series on the benefits of moving toward fourth generation nuclear power. Part: 1, ...others to follow.
Mark Lynas gives this presentation on how to burn nuclear waste as fuel and the benefits to mankind for doing so.
How India is leading the way in closed nuclear fuel cycles as part of a roadmap to the use of thorium.
Nuclear Waste Prism Reactor Could Power UK For 500 Years.
GE-Hitachi's proposed Prism fast reactor could offer a solution to the UK's plutonium waste stockpile.
Mark Peters testimony for the ANS concerning reprocessing spent nuclear fuel.
The US must rethink its stance on nuclear spent fuel reprocessing with regard to South Korea's needs.
Cooling system design error closes California Nuclear Plant.
Starting up new nuclear plant construction is difficult as opponents put up road blocks causing self-serving delays.
New look at prolonged radiation exposure: At low dose-rate, radiation poses little risk to DNA, study suggests.
This is technical, but the IFR is described as a silver bullet for dealing with climate change and nuclear waste. IFR also solves safety and weapons proliferation issues.
Closing of Yucca Mountain is politically driven rather than being in the interest of the country. See my comment at the end of this article.
Plentiful Energy, the story of the IFR project and its benefits summarized by Barry Brook - part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4.
The Chinese chose to advance nuclear and scale back growth in wind and solar - see these articles: 1, 2, 3, 4.
IFR group discovers the Bill Gates Terrapower nuclear design group is migrating toward an IFR design. Ref 2.
The Nuclear Energy Solution is presented. A world with insufficient energy is likely to result in mass starvation.
Here is a subject matter expert commenting on the above link, which is a discussion on radiation exposure.
Radiation and Reason, the impact of science on a culture of fear, by Professor Wade Allison, a nuclear and medical physicist at the University of Oxford.
GE-Hitachi proposes to build a plant in England at no cost to the public to dispose of plutinoum and nuclear spend fuel.
Fukushima and Chernobyl: Myth versus Reality; United Nations committee findings on the actual radiation effects.
Dr Eric Loewen talks about the need for nuclear power.
PBS Frontline program Jan 17 on nuclear aftershock, what the world is doing with nuclear power after the Japanese Tsunami.
Who killed nuclear power? President Clinton's 1993 state of the union speech said: "We are eliminating programs that are no longer needed, such as nuclear power research and development." Everyone needs to read the story of the Integral Fast Reactor in the new book Plentiful Energy available at Amazon.com.
A video on how the Westinghouse AP1000 passive cooling system works.
After Bill Gates was denied the right to build his new reactor in the US, he is asking China for the right to build and test one.
A summary of China's fast neutron nuclear program by Barry Brook on Brave New Climate.
A detailed report on what happened inside Fukushima, the heroic efforts to save the plant, and what we have learned.
A vision of the future from India. It helps to step outside the US and take a look at the rest of the world.
Award winning IEEE Spectrum Magazine talks about the future of nuclear power and what is going on around the world.
Britain considers using the IFR instead of a conventional nuclear plant and MOX fuel.
Cutting Australia's carbon abatement cost with nuclear power.
Steve Kirsch's attempt to have nuclear experts visit with President Obama concerning the best way to use and dispose of our nation's spent nuclear fuel.
Important informaton for the Blue Ribbon Panel to consider concerning the future of nuclear power and even humanity itself.
Here is an article about Japan's level of contamination after the nuclear accident which is a terrible outcome.
Note for the above article posted on the IFR group: Just "crop dust" with stable Cesium and isotopic dilution reduces the risk to deminimus
Bill Gates talks about energy and nuclear power in Wired Magazine.
GE designs a low cost way to enrigh uranium fuel using lasers. There is concern about its use in the wrong hands.
Germany shutting down its nuclear plants causes a massive financial loss which may lead to Germany becoming a part of PIIGGS.
Smaller nuclear power plants may be easier to build and safer. Now the NRC needs to approve them.
Tom Blees addresses the IFR technology as a solution to both climate change and the elimination of nuclear waste.
An interesting discussion concerning the President's Blue Ribbon Panel report on dealing with nuclear waste.
This NY Times article shows more testing of nuclear safety systems is needed to insure all systems are working properly.
Fresh water is best made from the waste heat from nuclear plants an Indian study shows.
As Germany and Japan curtail their nuclear programs the rest of the world proceeds with nuclear expansion plans.
Tokoyo Electric gives energy costs: renewable = 30.5 yen/kWh, fossil fuel = 9.1 yen/kWh, nuclear = 6.1 yen/kWh.
MIT issues a new report on the nuclear fuel cycle recommending a series of facilities for dealing with the spent fuel.
Read the article "Nuclear - A Major Force That Can't Be Wished Away".
Award winning IEEE Spectrum discusses Chernobyl and Fukushima events.
Cover ups and mismanagement of Japan's nuclear industry ultimately led to Japan's horrible nuclear accident.
MIT study recomments centralized spent fuel storage rather than reprocessing based on economics.
Kirk Sorensen's TED Talk on a possible Thorium solution to the world's future energy supply.
Tokyo Electric Power Company lays out plans for cleaning up its failed reactors and surrounding land areas.
High resolution photos of Fukushima Daiichi and a photo story about Chernobyl.
Fukushima plant leakage is now rated as a level 7 nuclear accident as of April 12, 2011. Here is a NY Times article.
An anti nuclear physicist comments on nuclear meltdowns before congress, doesn't take into account newer safer designs.
Nuclear power continues to be a part of President Obama's energy plan.
The history of nuclear power needs to be addressed.
Nuclear power is safest way to make electricity according to this study.
What should we fear more, climate change or a nuclear accident? Several books address that question. The final conclusion after reviewing the facts is stated on this web page.
TEPCO to decommission striken nuclear reactors. See the suggestion by Eugene Preston on how to make the site usable again.
TEPCO says it will be difficult (read impossible) to continue their investment participation in the NRG South Texas Project.
Personal accounts of Japanese workers trying to get control of the nuclear plant disaster.
Texas market structure does not support the building of new plants that could address the GHG problem.
Brown's Ferry nuclear plant shows off its safety features to calm fears that such a nuclear accident as in Japan is not likely at that plant.
A nuclear radiation expert talks about the dangers of radiation to people from the Japanese nuclear plant meltdown.
Japan ignored scientific data about how large a Tsunami could be and that denial is the cause of the nuclear plant disaster. This is not an accident.
Can we build our way out of the energy crisis? Of course we can. See the K5GP comment on how to accomplish this task without government help.
The issue about keeping spent fuel at nuclear plants is now open for more discusssion after the Japanese disaster.
Coal ash is more radioactive than nuclear waste according to this Scientific American article.
George Monbiot discusses why the Japanese nuclear plant failure was not so bad after all.
Alvin Weinberg discusses the true capital cost of long life projects such as nuclear plants that never are retired.
Helivideo can allow low altitude surveillance of a nuclear accident to assess the damage and radiation levels without exposing workers.
Here is a radiation dosage chart that may be helpful in assessing risk of exposure.
Nova science discusses nuclear power after the Japanese plant failure.
Japanese post real time information about their nuclear plant systems.
Dale Klein comments on the nuclear reactor failures in Japan as a result of the tsunami.
Dr Dale Klein, ex NRC chair, says that spend nuclear fuel is anything but waste. Second article.
TVA plans to add more nuclear and scale back its coal.
Vermont Yankee approved by NRC and Meredith Angwin comments about her debate supporting the plant.
Dan Rather's HDNet program giving a portion of the Eric Loewen at GE testimony.
Dan Rather's HDNet program giving a portion of the Ernest Moniz testimony.
China announces 3000 year nuclear fuel supply using a new recycling program.
Scientists say nuclear is not economically viable - bunk - see the comments.
Poll shows a majority of Americans support more nuclear power.
Dr Eric Loewen talks about what happened at Three Mile Island and Chernobyl.
Dr Hannum talks about protecting the nuclear fuel cycle.
Another climate scientist who's gone pro-nuclear.
Vietnam is building new nuclear power plants.
We could use coal as a feed stock and use nuclear energy to turn it into a liquid fuel.
Plants are found to be able to resist damage from radioactive contaminated soil.
New NRC brochure mentions Prism technology, which the US hopes will help solve the spent fuel problem.
China is now the second country interested in a throium nuclear reactor. The other country is India.
New nuclear plants around the world that are under construction.
China expands high speed rail and favors nuclear power over wind and solar.
President Obama's state of the union speech included nuclear R&D as well as new nuclear power plants.
This video shows an example of how effective nuclear is versys renewables at reducing CO2 emissions.
Shakeup in Obama cabinet may allow Energy Secretary Dr Chu to do his job now without in-fighting.
France to build underwater nuclear plant by 2016.
An analysis of the economic consequences of shutting down Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant.
India announces new nuclear fuel reprocessing plant, but this kind of plant is outlawed in the US, which is too bad because this is a solution to the US buildup in nuclear spent fuel.
China masters nuclear spent fuel reprocessing. Other countries have mastered this also but not the US.
More information about the China 3000 year nuclear fuel supply plan.
New process for cleaning up a nuclear spill or leak.
IAEA has proposed a nuclear fuel bank for countries to use for the peaceful development of nuclear power.
DOE 2011 Small Modular Reactor Fact Sheet.
Movie producer Robert Stone comments about nuclear power and IFR technology.
Putin says only nuclear can replace oil and gas, says wind make partial contribution and other renewables are claptrap.
Stewart Brand debates the merits of nuclear power with Mark Jacobson.
Stewart Brand talks about the importance of nuclear power to solve the world's economic problems.
America's nuclear renaissance is mighty slow in coming.
The US nuclear program is in trouble as indicated by the cancellation of Calvert Cliffs. This is mostly due to US nuclear policies and shaky politics.
GE Chief slams US energy policy.
A discussion about whether the US needs nuclear power.
MIT study finds that nuclear fuel is plentiful and we do not need to recycle (reprocess) at this time.
This posting presents an argument for recycling - the opposite of the MIT study recommendation.
Energy Secretary Chu comments on nuclear security issues.
Can Nuclear Waste Spark an Energy Solution? Is so, then what about this report - see below:
Nuclear fuel recycling not necessary according to an MIT report.
NASA is planning to use small nuclear power for future Mars and other deep space planetary missions.
Nuclear Energy: A Vital Component To Our Energy Future.
Russia nuclear goal is to move to fast breeder nuclear reactors.
Click on 8/5 video 1:40 min - Feds not deliver on loan guarantee. Nuclear projects may be cancelled.
Joe Shuster interview on Fox News. Joe wrote the book Beyond Fossil Fools.
More nuclear power in Texas is being developed for the Comanche Peak plant site.
DOE workshop on small nuclear units technology, which will be found to be a way to replace existing coal plants on site.
Keep an eye on these CO2 turbines. Looks like they may be low in cost and simple to operate.. ref1.. ref2.. ref3.. ref4
Bill Gates continues with his nuclear program using Toshiba 4S as a part of the plant.
DOE nuclear power roadmap posted in April 2010.
Dr Chu's testimony on 4/28/2010 at 40 min into the session and Dr Eric Loewen's testimony at 106 minutes into the session.
Italy to build first nuclear plant in decades.
Energy Secretary Chu promotes mini nuclear plants to fight global warming.
Dr Chu, energy secretary, promotes smaller nuclear plants.
Obama Announces Federal Help To Fund New Nuclear Reactors (2/17/2010).
Bill Gates has an important message in his talk at the 2010 TED conference.
Russia's nuclear industry seeks to profit from selling small nuclear reactors.
Department of Energy Announces $40 Million to Develop the Next Generation Nuclear Plant.
Molten salt high temperature reactor design - references: 1, 2, 3
A realization that nuclear was not going to happen in the US without government funding assistance as is done in other countries.
Problems with fast breeder reactors are discussed but no new solutions are presented.
NRC disapproves changes Westinghouse made to AP1000.
Bill Gates takes a look at the energy problem.
President Obama is now also on the right track and listening to Dr Chu.
Dr Chu's new energy budget seems to now be on track.
Nuclear Traveling Wave Reactor concept, also take a look at the excellent video.
Keep an eye on this nuclear upstart company.
Loan Program May Stir Dormant Nuclear Industry with $18.5 billion loans for building new nuclear reactors.
David Crane in Scientific American talks about the status of nuclear power.
After a 30 year ban on international nuclear power trading, an India engineering company expands its nuclear business plans.
How to get rid of nuclear waste and the history of why we didn't do it earlier.
Tripling the amount of nuclear capacity in the US could replace existing coal US generation capacity.
The British government has approved 10 sites in England and Wales for new nuclear power stations...
..."local authorities have been stripped of the right of veto over new nuclear plants and other key energy projects".
South Korea will use a new recycling process to eliminate nuclear waste.
China IS proceeding with the new nuclear IFR technologies needed to combat CO2 and the US should be also.
China signs up Russian fast reactors.
My comments to Austin Energy concerning their (work of fantasy) generation and conservation plans.
Nuclear power development is delayed because a fear of anything nuclear is greater than the fear of climate change.
CPS's nuclear expansion plans.
UT Research Scientist Dr Robert Duncan talks about how nuclear power is the right choice for San Antonio and Austin.
City Public Service's NRG nuclear energy plan includes a significant CO2 reduction.
U.S. Chooses Four Utilities to Revive Nuclear Industry.
US Government guarantees NRG Nuclear, which anti-nuclear AE fails to mention.
Austin Energy's energy plan lacks CO2 reduction and is silent on the energy needed to serve PHEVs.
An Update to Austin Energy's energy plan.
The Wall Street Journal comments on an increasing interest in nuclear power.
Why only nuclear power can revitalize the economy and solve the environmental CO2 problem.
WNA report: The New Economics of Nuclear Power.
Dr Chu's recent interview shows interest in the fission-fusion concept for dealing with nuclear waste.
Physicists at the University of Texas at Austin propose a new reactor design to burn up nuclear waste and also here.
Smaller Nuclear Reactors Seek Customers in Developing World.
A new type of nuclear reactor that uses very little fuel.
another reference and another.
Sweden Ends Ban On Nuclear Power Construction: ref 1 ref 2 ref 3 ref 4 ref 5 ref 6 ref 7 ref 8
Ongoing info on the nuclear waste issue: ref
New nuclear developments in Scotland.
Nuclear gets a boost in Europe after Russian Gas Curtailments.
India Aims To Produce 60,000 Megawatts Of Nuclear Energy By 2030.
Nuclear engineering programs are being restarted in many schools to meet the increasing demand, also this.
Nuclear power can only be financed by governments at a %5 discount rate because only they can control the risks.
See the Dr Who comment at the end of this article.
A New Mini Nuclear Reactor with no moving parts.
Nuclear Power In Germany Gets New Support, rethinks its decision to phase out nuclear power.
UK opts in for nuclear power, says mistake was made in 2003.
Italy reverses non nuclear vote and has decided to build new nuclear plants.
Nuclear Engineering Increasingly Popular In Canada.
TVA's plans with Brown's Ferry seem to be going well in spite of a few cost increases.
TVA restarts a mothballed nuclear plant as TVA's coal plans are now risky and expensive.
Here is a list of US nuclear accidents.

Several experts below are saying in 2009 we cannot solve both the energy problem and the climate problem without nuclear energy:
James Hansen pleads with Obama to develop 4th generation nuclear power to save the planet.
Professor Barry Brook discusses the need for 4th generation IFR nuclear technology.
Tom Blees talks about a plentiful clean energy source for everyone on Earth (this video is in 3 sections).
Here is the book "Prescription for the Planet" that Tom talks about in the above video.
Zachary Moitoza shows that only nuclear power has an ERORI great enough to meet our energy needs.
My letter to President Obama concerning solar, wind, coal, nuclear, and our energy needs.
My own energy studies support Robert Bryce's "Let's Get Real About Renewable Energy".
Thomas Friedman of the NY Times is right on target with his recommendations.
Dr Chu's interview with MIT's Technology Review.
Dr Chu speaks to EEI about life in a carbon constrained world.
Interview with Dr Chu talks about a nuclear waste blue ribbon panel that has yet to be put together at 18:50 and 20:45 min.
Dr Chu's important energy ideas need to be funded now to deal with nuclear waste and proliferation.

Reconciling the Nuclear Terrorism Threat vs Nuclear Power Needed for Deep Space Exploration:
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has documented 18 cases of nuclear material theft and smuggling.
Because of this threat there is an effort to ban the production of plutonium and highly enriched uranium worldwide.
The future NASA deep space missions like Europa and even future unmanned Mars exploration requires the use of plutonium as a source of power.
Will the elimination of plutonium and HEU kill the US space program? With or without plutonium seems to lead to a human decline. What's the solution to this problem?

Nuclear Fusion News:
A breakthrough by scientists at the National Ignition Facility (NIF) could boost hopes of scaling up fusion.
Innovative experiments going on in fusion power research.
Locheed skunk works takes on getting fusion working in a few years.
New research could power rocket trip to Mars in weeks, not months.
An hour long lecture summarizing Navy lab results of low energy nuclear reactions.
Lead based fast neutron reactor might be safer than a sodium based reactor.
Latest laser thermal ignition project test report as of March 2011.
An economical way to remove deuterium for drinking water is also an economical way to extract deuterium for fusion power machines - yet to be invented.
Sandia Labs Z pinch fusion machine concept needs to be tested.
An optimistic view on the ITER fusion project as of October 2010.
An update on the status of the US nation ignition test facility.
ITER cost triples and new management is brought in.
World's largest laser takes first steps toward nuclear fusion.
Nuclear fusion by thermal ignition reaches a new level.
ITER fusion magazine tells status of the project as of December 2009.
Laser fusion gets hyper active.
Nuclear fusion appears to be way off into the future with this update.
A new approach to fusion will be tested.
US National Ignition Facility hopes to produce fusion power in 2010 - here is another reference and another.
Homebrew fusion project - will it work?
October 2008 report on what is going on with Fusion.
ITER Fusion Project update .. Fusion energy is the path to an ultimate source of energy.
ITER engineering details .. main parameters .. systematic modeling .. fusion conditions .. physics basics .. etc ..
Physics World - Dreaming of Fusion ... (copyright).
Lecture on inertial fusion being the best approach to fusion (1.5 hr).

The March 2009 issue of Scientific American on page 84 asks and answers the question of how long uranium supplies will last. At currents rates there is a ~230 year supply using existing light water reactor technology. Further exploration is expected to double the 230 year number. Using additional enrichment techniques could double the supply again to a life of 920 years. If uranium were extracted from sea water the supply could be extended to 60,000 years using existing LWR technology. On the other hand, if breeder reactors were used, the original 230 year supply would be extended to 30,000 years. Using breeding and seawater extends the life to 8 million years. Including Thorium in the mix could extend the life of nuclear many more millions of years.

Designing a small system to be reliable, low cost, and have zero CO2 emissions:
1. Here is a rooftop solar and wind 100% renewables powered microgrid concept.
The above 10 kW rooftop solar is replaced with 5 kW of centralized solar.
Three ways to improve the reliability of a (nearly) 100% renewables system.
The cost of CCS carbon capture and sequestration makes coal power uneconomical.
Small nuclear power provides reliability without needing a new transmission grid.
Summary of the above cases.

Sunday school presentation given on Dec 6, 2009 to the New Wesley Class at the University United Methodist Church.