Nuclear Engineering Increasingly Popular In Canada, Experts Say.

Canada's Globe and Mail (11/24, Johne) reported, "After years of chugging quietly in the background while other engineering disciplines such as civil and mechanical got most of the attention...nuclear engineering has re-emerged as the place to be for students looking for great career opportunities." Experts say that the industry has been "reinvigorated" by a renewable energy push, and note that "enrolment levels certainly support this observation." For instance, Ontario's University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT), "which launched its nuclear engineering program six years ago, reports 'steadily growing' enrolment in its undergraduate and graduate programs." Also, "at McMaster University in Hamilton, the number of students signing up for nuclear engineering...has seen a ten-fold increase over the past four years." Canada plans "to build or refurbish reactors in Ontario, New Brunswick, Quebec, Alberta and Saskatchewan." The Globe and Mail noted that, "for nuclear engineering students, all this activity translates into a wealth of career opportunities."