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Studies of radiative forcing components: Reducing uncertainty about climate change (October 16, 2010) -- Much is known about factors that have a warming effect on Earth's climate -- but only a limited amount is understood about factors that have a cooling effect. Researchers in Norway are working to fill the knowledge gap by studying as many radiative forcing components as possible simultaneously. ... > full story


Carbon dioxide controls Earth's temperature, new modeling study shows (October 15, 2010) -- Water vapor and clouds are the major contributors to Earth's greenhouse effect, but a new atmosphere-ocean climate modeling study shows that the planet's temperature ultimately depends on the atmospheric level of carbon dioxide. ... > full story


Climate models give a right skewed result on possible air warming by 2100 new

NASA CO2 monitoring.  CDIAC

data plus year 2000 forecasts

produce a graph showing actual CO2 is tracking the upper most forecast of the original 2000 year forecasts.  


IPCC looking for a way to provide useful results in its next meeting


Greenland Ice is Melting at an Accelerating Rate

GRACE satellite data

Latest news: and

the reference and and in particular these graphs:, and 

showing 8.6% acceleration rate in loss of Greenland’s Ice.  Projecting 8.6% per year and

roughly 275 Gton/yr in 2007 produces a forecast that the ice will be gone by 2087:   “Greenland is losing mass faster-and-faster, now about

300 cubic kilometers per year.  More important, Antarctica has shifted to substantial mass loss.”

Hansen, in an e-mail to the IFR group, December 5, 2009

Eugene Preston testimony concerning Greenland’s Ice melting rate


‘Volcanoes emit more CO2 than humans’—Not even close ...




Brookings Institute Report on Climate and Energy


EARTH THERMAL TIME CONSTANT  says the time constant is ~5 years says its 10 - 30 years


The Heartland Institute denies global warming is caused by human activity. 

Wikipedia reveals that their list of scientists is bogus.  A recent trial on Intelligent Design

proved that the Heartland Institute’s ideas are not based on science.


The Manufactured Doubt industry and the hacked email controversy  and

are examples of how misinformation is used to create doubt about an already well established scientific topic such as global warming. 

Recently 160 American Physical Society members protested the APS official position that humans were causing climate change and

the APS review its position on that topic and replied that the other 47,000 APS members believed that the scientific evidence shows

that humans have caused climate change.  Here is more APS information on this topic: 


Denialism is discussed on NPR as a affecting many Americans and this will lead to bad consequences:


Scientific expertise lacking among 'doubters' of climate change, says new analysis (June 27, 2010) -- An analysis of the scientific prominence and expertise of climate researchers shows that the few who are unconvinced of human-caused climate change rank far below researchers who are convinced. Most news media accounts fail to include that context when reporting claims from the doubters. ... > full story


Climate Change Deniers article appearing in Electric Light and Power May 2011